What’s Artist Development?

Music is an amazing tool to empower developing minds. When working with artists, my goal is not to create a pop star who will do whatever I say, but to instill creative confidence through team work, creativity and work ethic. Once an artist has those, they can be successful in any field. Below are a couple of bands/artists I have had the pleasure of helping along the way. If you get a chance, send them some encouragement. We all need it 🙂 If you know a budding artist who can use some encouragement and guidance on the journey, send them my way!


Back when they were shorter then me. Photo Courtesy of PinkySwearBand.com

Back when the Pinky Swear Band was shorter then me. Photo Courtesy of PinkySwearBand.com

Meet the Pinky Swear Band, a family band that I helped take from the rehearsal room, onto the stage and into the studio. If you remember what it was like being a young sibling, the last thing you wanted to do was spend a perfect summer day rehearsing in a room with them and writing music together. These guys stuck through it and are better people and musicians for it. Here is the studio recording in it’s early stages of their original song, Stalker, that I was helping to produce and a performance video at C2G Music Hall:


Meet Brooke, Chandler and Courtney who have produced their own Youtube Channel videos using their home computers and minimal sound equipment.


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